Bermuda Working Ceiling Fan, White Square Blade, Single Light

Bermuda Working Ceiling Fan, White Square Blade, Single Light


  • $129.00

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Actual Working Ceiling Fan with single working light. Operates with a 12 Volt Lighting System

1/12th scale miniature working ceiling fan with a motor that works at a very slow speed. The fan can be wired and operated independently from the light. It will work with the existing 12 volt wiring of your dollhouse; AC or DC. The fan motor is controlled by a separate circuit board and runs the fan on either a high or low speed and that speed can be adjusted. This circuit board can be hidden anywhere; making the installation of the fan very easy. It also uses very little current (15ma.) drawing less current than a single grain of rice light bulb! Best of all -- IT REALLY WORKS!

The Bermuda fan is a simple all white older style fan. The brass stem can be cut for mounting closer to the ceiling. A longer stem can be ordered too. As with all Creative Reproductions fans, the globe is removable for easy replacement of the light bulb or to be replaced with another style globe. The blade diameter is 3.625‰۝.


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