Lawbre Chateau Salvage Dollhouse


  • $250.00

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Store Pick Up Only, and for sure, you will want to see it in person first.....Also, we prefer not to ship it.

For those of you who know Lawbre dollhouses, you will recognize this one!  It's one of my all time favorite designs.  There is currently a fully finished and furnished one on ebay for over $75,000.00! So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and give this treasure a makeover!

Clearly it needs a lot of work, but the bone structure is solid.  Notice the genuine slate tile on the front patio.  It had been wired, I'm sure it does not function properly right now, but some of the elements are probably still solid. Additional images show what it can look like in all of it's glory.

57" Wide x 22" Deep x 36" High 



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