Savannah Working Ceiling Fan, Wicker Blade, Three Light

Savannah Working Ceiling Fan, Wicker Blade, Three Light


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Actual Working Ceiling Fan with three working lights.
Operates with a 12 Volt Lighting System
1/12th scale miniature working ceiling fan with a motor that works at a very slow speed. The fan can be wired and operated independently from the light. It will work with the existing 12 volt wiring of your dollhouse; AC or DC. The fan motor is controlled by a separate circuit board and runs the fan on either a high or low speed and that speed can be adjusted. This circuit board can be hidden anywhere; making the installation of the fan very easy. It also uses very little current (15ma.) drawing less current than a single grain of rice light bulb! Best of all -- IT REALLY WORKS!!!

The Savannah blades look very much like a wicker and one can actually see through the blades. The blades are an ABS plastic and can easily be painted if you so choose. The Savannah ceiling fan comes with a three globe light assembly and as is true with all of my fans the globes can be unscrewed and replaced with any of the style globes I have. This fixture uses screw base flame bulbs. The blade diameter is 3.625‰۝

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