Chalet Deluxe Kit

Chalet Deluxe Kit


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Regular Price: $236.00   20% OFF: $188.00  (Windows and Doors Sold Separately: $48.00 As Shown)

This kit was the second dollhouse for our daughter Olivia.  Rory inherited her first one - a "handy down" as she would refer to such things that went her way.  We had it hand painted by Demmler Schenck, featuring the Magic Fairy Rock - we have a cottage up in Ontario which we share with many cousins, and each summer The Fairy would drop off a gift (always a craft project) for well behaved munchkins - she would hide them behind this big wonderful glittering glacial rock. Consequently the children always seemed to be peeking thru the woods to see if something might have been left there by the fairy.  Usually about mid vacation you could hear one of the cousins shouting of her arrival - "The Fairy Came, The Fairy Came!" This kit is VERY easy to build - an afternoon of fun.  Made with 3/8 thick micro light wood - very sturdy and very light!  The railings and posts are also very thick and extra sturdy for young children.  The kit price does not include doors and windows - you may want to select a different stlye, but the cost of the components we are showing it with would be $48.00.

Dimensions: 31 inches across x 16 inches deep (including porch) and 29 inches tall.

Has three rooms on first floor, two on second, plus an attic room - Olivia turned that room into the grandma's room,  furnished with my old furniture and some pieces hand made by dear Mr. Lindsay.

Garden Fairy

Well what do you know - here is the Rock Fairy herself!  The garden featured here is the creation of my talented neighbor, Gabrielle Martini!


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