Chef Julia Formal Kitchen Set, White Wash


  • $577.99

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This 12 piece formal kitchen set my Dad would say:  Big Time!  Expertly designed and crafted with working cabinet doors. Includes range hood. Fridge opens to reveal glass shelves. 

The multiple pieces make it easy for you to arrange and rearrange to suit your floor plan. 

Island: 5 1/4" x 2 1/2"D x 3"H

Fridge: 2 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D x 6"H

Sink: 2 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D x 3"H

Stove: 2 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D x 3"H

Double Counter: 3"W x 1 3/4"D x 3"H

Single Counter: 2"W x 1 3/4"D x 3"H

Corner Counter measures 4 1/8" along back side of each side x 3"H

1:12 Miniature Scale


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