Vintage Real Good Toys Green Acres Dollhouse with Addition, Fully Decorated


  • $1,400.00

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This dollhouse is a special find.  Born in Pittsburgh in 2002,  built and decorated with love by a husband and wife, enjoyed in Ohio for many years, it has now returned to the burgh,  ready for it's next owner to move right in! Fully decorated and electrified.  We have a box full of working table lamps included, along with the workig fireplace, lighted Christmas Tree, Crystal Chandelier...... We are even including the set of handcrafted copperware by Getzan, hanging on the kitchen walls.  Built from the Real Good Toys Greenleaf Kit with addition. All quality 3/8" Baltic Birch Plywood.  Notice the copper flashing!  It is in very good condition!

Measures 46"W x 23"D x 32"H

*Please note:  Store Pickup Only.  We are unable to ship this item.  However, we do have a beautifully constructed custom handbuilt wood crate that was built for it, if you wish to transport it that way.   The crate measures 53"W x 27"D x 37"H


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