LED Strip Light Tape - 12 Inch Warm White

LED Strip Light Tape - 12 Inch Warm White


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NEW ExtraBrite 12 Volt High-Output LED miniature lighting is now available! A fantastic new way to illuminate a display, room box, or your entire dollhouse! Please inquire if you would like assistance purchasing everything you will need.

ExtraBrite•À_ LED's give lots of light, but they use very little power and produce very little heat - over 10X more light per watt than other miniature lighting (and 10X less heat!!)

These LED light strips are flexible and easy to use! They can be bent or twisted and are held in place with adhesive backing. The light strips can be cut to any length at a "cut mark", which occurs every 3 lights or in 1 1/2 inch increments. Works with tapewire or solid wire miniature wiring systems.

The LED light strips are powered with a 12V AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) power source. DC power uses a different power supply and the installer needs to keep track of which lead is the "+" lead, and which is "-". Other than that, DC power installs in a way that is very familiar to dollhouse electricians; it can use the same dollhouse wiring supplies and fixtures. The advantage of using DC for your LED's is that the light is slightly brighter, slightly steadier and the fixture may last longer.

ExtraBrite LED's are the brightest product available in the consumer price range. They are 150% to 200% as bright as "rope lights" and most other LED lights on the market. They are offered by us without mounting paraphernalia, so they can be configured to the exact need of the miniaturist at a fracton of the cost of other LED's.

ExtraBrite LED's have a very long life...the rated life of LED lighting is 50,000 hours (compared to miniature lighting which is rated from 1000-5000 hours). That's over 12 years at 12 hours a day, 6 days a week!

ExtraBrite LED's in "Pure White" give the whole spectrum of visible light.

ExtraBrite LED's in "Warm White" give the warmth of candle light for subtle mood lighting.

Size Options:

  • 12 inch strip has 24 LED lights
  • 30 inch strip has 60 LED lights
  • 5 meter strip has 390 LED lights

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