Patio Jars, Set of Three

Patio Jars, Set of Three


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These patio jars are part of a collection of items to use around the house, all designed with simple, classic style and a modern feel. Extremely detailed resin with no moving parts. Classic olive jar shape with an aged finish. Jars are hollow so can be filled with plants or decorative items if desired.

Large 1 7/8"Dia. x 2 1/2"H; opening: 7/8"Dia. x 2 1/4" interior depth
Medium 1 5/8"Dia. x 2 1/4"H; opening: 5/8"Dia.x 1 5/8"D interior depth
Small 1 1/4"Dia. x 1 1/2"H; opening: 1/2"Dia. x 1 3/8"D interior depth


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