The Amazing Glass Conservatory


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So, this happened to drop in our laps last week.  It is a very unusual glass conservatory, previously owned.  If you are from Pittsburgh, it will most likely remind you of PPG Tower, dahntahn. It also kind of reminds me of that scene from The Sound of Music scene where Julia and the oldest daughter are singing "sixteen, going on seventeen" and they are jumping from bench to bench.  I almost hate to part with it!  

Disclosure, it does have two very small internal nicks in the glass, hard to notice, and not structurally significant. The flooring also has broken pieces, but they almost seem to add to the ambiance. 

We can not ship this item - too fragile (costly). However, if you are from the East Coast and plan to attend The Philadelphia Miniaturia Show, we would be happy to bring it to you then. 

It measures approximately 16 inches in diameter x 22 inches high. 



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