Know What you are Buying - Buy From a Source You Can Trust!
PLEASE NOTE: We can not ship dollhouses Internationaly
With so many different possible selections, purchasing a dollhouse kit can seem overwhelming. If you live near a Full Line Dollhouse Shop, our best recommendation is to visit them (us if you live in the Pittsburgh Area) There, you will be able to see the difference in size, price and quality from the models on display. You will also get expert advice on making your purchase, and helpful tips on assembling your kit. Purchasing your dollhouse kit from an actual store helps keep them in business and will provide you with the support you need to complete your project.
If you are not from the Greater Pittsburgh Area, we encourage you to visit to locate an actual store near you. If you do not have a local shop, please consider us as the next best thing!
You will want to consider quality, size, style, ease of assembly and price range. Be aware that the price is usually proportional to the quality of the kit and the ease of construction. Pay attention to the quality of the wood. Although some sellers will not indicate this, Some kits are made with die-cut parts - 1/8 thick pieces of wood, where you will punch out the parts for a slot and tab construction. These kits are fine for the experienced hobby crafter who loves to kit bash, but we have found over the years, most folks open the box, take one look and toss it aside . We do sell them, and they do have their following, but we always point out that this is what they are made of. We want the kit to be a positive experience for our customers, not a negative one. Some kits are made with MDF wood, as opposed to plywood. They are very sturdy, but have different properties. MDF is harder to install wiring in - not impossible, but a bit harder. Some kits have pre-assembled windows, some kits you will need to assemble the windows yourself. Some kits are made in the USA, and some are made in Asia (not all Real Good Toys Kits are made in Vermont) Some kits can be assembled in an afternoon, some will take much longer. Some kits have great instructions, some don't. Some kits can fit dollhouse furniture in them nicely, some....not so much (do not be fooled by the "number of rooms", be more concerned with the size of the rooms) But of this you can be sure: We only sell kits we like, and we have lots of experience in helping you select the right one for you. And then we back it up 100%. We want to make sure you actually get it built :) We are in the business of making people happy!
All of our prices are VERY competitive. We know we need to compete with online discounters and our prices are reflective of that. But from experience, we have seen too many customers who have come into our shop AFTER they have purchased their kit online, only to discover once they have gotten here that they would prefer a different kit, or could have gotten the kit for less by shopping local. Local Customers: Our prices are very competitive, but if you see a kit for less, We will match ANY online price for a dollhouse kit as long as the cost of shipping is factored in. If you decide you really don't want to build a kit, you just want an assembled dollhouse, we have plenty of preassembled houses to choose from, or let us assemble a kit for you. Local Pittsburgh Area customers: We have expert carpenters who will assemble your kit! Thank you for shopping local - and making a difference!
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