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1/4 inch scale kitchen Set

Mailbox, Green, with Post

1/12 Miniature Scale: Dimensions: 1.50 W x 4.00 H x 1.00 D (Inches)

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Iron Bench, Gold

This picture does not really do this piece justice - it looks even more impressive in person!


Vase, Tall, White Tulips

1/12th Scale Miniature You will be able to move the flowers into a looser position if you prefer.

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Vase, Tall, Pink Tulips

Vase, Tall, Pink Tulips

1/12th Scale Miniature You will be able to move the flowers into a looser position if you prefer.

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Save $301 Vase, Silver Swoop Style

Vase, Silver Swoop Style

With its shiny silver-plated finish, this elegant vase can work in traditional or modern settings. Beaded detailing around the top; small opening (1/4‰۝Dia.) 1/12 Miniature Scale

$9.98 $12.99

Eagle Figurine, Table Top

Scale: 1/12 Dimensions: 0.50 W x 1.38 H x 0.75 D (Inches) Manufactured by: Falcon CollectiblesSKU: A3923

Mixed Flowers in Hanging Pot

1:12 Miniature Scale Hanging Flower BasketManufacturer: Falcon CollectiblesSKU: FCA3569


Corn, Set of Six Ears

1/12th Miniature Scale


Turtle, Green

Scale: 1/12 Dimensions: 0.75 W x 0.38 H x 1.13 D (Inches) This.Is.Adorable. It's a must have....just buy it!

Robin Bird

Dimensions: 0.25 W x 0.38 H x 0.63 D (Inches) 1:12 Miniature Scale

Teddy Bear with Cat

1:12 Miniature Scale. The perfect little accessory for a child's room or nursery, to tuck on a shelf, bed or chair. Made with resin.


1:12 Miniature Scale

Picnic Basket, Filled

1:12 Miniature Scale, this picnic basket is filled to the brim with everything you will need to have the most awesome picnic everrrr!Dimensions: 2.00 W x 2.25 H x 1.63...


Splendiss Grass Parakeet

this little bird is a 1:12 miniature scale parakeet with beautiful blue, green, red and yellow colors. Perched in a position to set in your bird cage.  Size: 0"H x...

Frogs, Set of Six

1/12th Miniature ScaleWe also sell these individually in our actual store, $2.99 Each



Scale: 1/12 Dimensions: 0.50 H (Inches)

Silverware, Set of Five

1:12 Miniature Scale Made with plastic, but don't let that deter you - the scale and detail are really well done.

Olympic Style Radio Flyer Sled

Hand Crafted in the USA in honor of the Sochi Olympics! Measures 2 1/2 inches long.


Potting Shed Scene

This is not for sale. Well, actually everything is for sale for a price, but this is just to inspire you!

Village Estate Collection

This is a preview of an estate we have acquired. Serious inquiries, please call us: 412-781-6445We will consider selling each structure individually with our without furnishings and accessories. As space...

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Second Hand Walmer Dollhouse SOLD
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Savannah Working Ceiling Fan, Wicker Blade, Three Light

Savannah Working Ceiling Fan, Wicker Blade, Three Light

Actual Working Ceiling Fan with three working lights.Operates with a 12 Volt Lighting System1/12th scale miniature working ceiling fan with a motor that works at a very slow speed. The...

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Crystal Conservatory Style G

Hand Crafted in Pittsburgh PA. Glass lifts off of the base, but interior can also be accessed via the door. Furnishings and Accessories sold separately. Hey, anything can be shipped...


Perfume and Jewelry Tray, Lavender or Blue

Each Tray measures approximately 1 inch across.Please select Blue or Lavender


Transom Door, Unfinished

Door Size: 3-9/16 X 1/2 X 7-3/4 Opening Size: 3-1/8 x 7-9/16


TV Stand, Mahogany Finish

1:12 Miniature Scale

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