Demi Lune Bar Back, Walnut Finish

Demi Lune Bar Back, Walnut Finish


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The back bar has been designed to fit either across a corner or stand flat against a wall. The sides which are angled forward at 45 degrees have 2 shelves and each shelf has a small brass rail around the edge to hold bottles and glasses. In the bottom of each side section is a cupboard with a curved wooden door and a single interior wooden shelf. The center of the cabinet comprises of a bottom cupboard with a glass door and single glass shelf. Above the cupboard are 2 drawers. The drawer fronts have been curved to follow the cyma curve of the pediment. There are holes drilled in the top for lights. shelf. The simple molded pediment is repeated across the cabinet, under the drawers and at the bottom of the cabinet. 

The back of bar cabinet measures 15 inches high x 10 inches overall width and 3 inches is available in a walnut finish.

1:12 Miniature Scale, designed by JBM Miniatures  


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