Edwardian Hepplewhite Bowfront Sideboard

Edwardian Hepplewhite Bowfront Sideboard


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The sideboard, ( popularized by George Hepplewhite) has 6 square tapered legs with spade feet. The two legs at the front of the sideboard jut forward and support the top of the sideboard and form a Diminutive bow front. There are 7 drawers in this front section which is defined by an arched support (a traditional Hepplewhite design feature) between the legs. The center section has 7 drawers. On either side is a cupboard and above the cupboard has another drawer. The drawers are edged with a small cock bead. The back of the sideboard forms a ledge, shaped to match the sideboard top that overhangs the bow front. The sideboard measures 5 inches long x 1 5/8 inches deep x 3 3/8 inches high and is available in a walnut finish.

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