1 About Cir-kit Wiring systems (Info Only, not a product we ship)

1 About Cir-kit Wiring systems (Info Only, not a product we ship)


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At Lynlott Miniatures/Dollhouse Junction, We recommend using the Cir-kit Concepts wiring systems. Why? Over 30 years of experience has proven Cir-kit Wiring Systems to be Superior. The tape stays stuck, the transformers have built in circuit breakers (no annoying fuses - it just shuts off until you fix the problem!) The Junction Splice and lead-in-wire are better. There are other brands on the market - we use only Cir-kit.

Easy Instructions - no electrical experience required (we know this, because I can do it!) Easy to install - using pressure sensitive adhesive backed tape, a transformer to reduce it to 12 volts (whatever that means....see, you don't even have to understand that part, you just accept it.)

Hidden system - you install it before you wallpaper.....or did you already wallpaper your house? Well.....you can redecorate OR, you can install a round wiring system.

Local Customers - feel free to stop in and let us give you a mini lesson when you purchase your kit at the store. We love watching our customers bound thru the door, beaming with pride when they have installed their own lights. Lynlott does provide wiring services if you "just aren't that into it", but we encourage you to try!

Our Online Shop contains the most commonly purchased supplies, however we stock an even greater selection and can special order anything else.

International customers - please visit www.cir-kitconcepts.com - they will have what you need!


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