Small Hollow Eyelets, Pkg. 20

Small Hollow Eyelets, Pkg. 20


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This item is sold as a package of 20

The CK1023 hollow eyelets provide an easy and convenient alternative to the "brass bradding" of tape runs. Their larger size and ease of handling greatly simplifies the electrical connection process. They may be used as a substitute for 1/8" brass brads in almost all applications. To install, first make a starter hole using either our No. 55 drill bit or the CK1044 Awl. Next, place the eyelet in the hole and push in for a quick and absolutely positive electrical connection.

For MDF material type dollhouses, these eyelets are the ideal interconnection method.

Eyelets are brass and measure approximately 1/8" long with an inside diameter of .044" and outside diameter of .056". Packaged in quantities of 20 and 110. Illustrated instructions included in each package.


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