Power supply for CRS707-0

Power supply for CRS707-0


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Power Supply for CRS707-0

12 volts, DC, 24-watt, voltage regulated and circuit protected power supplyAble to handle 1 to 52, 40mA lights Good for most dollhouses.

CR2S sells only DC regulated power supplies.  Unlike the older transformers, you can buy a larger, more powerful power supply and not worry about your lights burning out.  All of these power supplies put out a constant 12 volts and all are UL and RoHS rated and approved. This 2-amp power supply will hold up to a direct short for a period of time without any damage.  If connected to your dollhouse with the 701-1 power connector it becomes fully protected against damage from long-term shorts.  Handles up to 52 lights

A simple jack and connection block that replaces the Junction Splice.  I lightly sand the bottom of the junction splice and glue it in place. A screw is provided to secure the power connector in place.   For more information on how this Mini works, check out this video:  https://youtu.be/QDnNIO3Wnx0

Power Supply: CRS707-2 



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