Electrical Piercing Tool and Parts

Electrical Piercing Tool and Parts


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The NEW & IMPROVED EL66 Electrical Piercing tool is an essential tool for setting electrical eyelets used in tapewire dollhouse wiring and for making connections to ExtraBrite•LED lighting.

The hardened alloy-steel pin won't bend when wiring on the hardest dollhouse materials. The broad hardwood handle makes pushing by hand or pounding with a hammer safe and secure. The tool's compact size allows it to be used in the smallest rooms and the Leverage Stick extends your access to awkward corners. Real Good Toys EL66 tool set also includes a Mounting Block to put under the tapewire when making a Junction Splice connection on a clapboard surface. See the Dollhouse Wiring Quickstart Guide for more info on using this great tool.

Not recommended for children under the age of 13.


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