North Side Townhouse SPECIAL ORDER

North Side Townhouse SPECIAL ORDER


  • $595.00

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Named in honor of Pittsburgh's very own North Side, could also imagine this being in New York City, with some Carrie Bradshaw sort of character residing in it and writing in her journal by the window. 100% made in the USA with 3/8th inch thick quality Birch Plywood and Alessio windows and doors. Comes completely finished on the exterior by Lynlott Miniatures (exlcuding the window boxes and gardens, as you may wish to select your own scheme) Interior consists of three floors, and two sets of stairs ( I have left out one set in the photograph, as I personally would leave them out in order to accommodate more furnishings. Please inquire if you would like to have us wire or finish the interior for you.

Measures 17W x 18D x 28H (inches)

We actually CAN ship this item for $65.00 - $95.00 within Continental US. Please allow between 2-4 weeks to arrange for one to be shipped.


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