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(Not for Sale) Finally, the long awaited bathroom for Olivia's Dollhouse is almost complete. The Shower shown is the Reutter Shower you will find under Bathroom Furniture, and it is on special this month, in honor of Olivia's Bathroom.  I am quite proud of the marble finish I made for the sink top, as I have no idea how one is really supposed to do this technique, and I had to try to do it in a hurry in between waiting on customers in the shop.  I generally do everything in a hurry and prefer not to read directions! The sconces are by Diane Persico, and can be purchased thru our online store.  We are waiting for a new ceiling fixture to arrive from Diane as well. All of the hardware is by Reutter, and can be found in our accessory/bathroom section.  The marble floor is by Handley House...I think I need to add that to our site. Candlestick by Brooke Tucker, Pansies by Wilhemina. Mirror by Jim Coates.  Pefume sets by Patsy Mac and Brooke Tucker...all available thru dollhousejunction.com  I am still working on the paint finish for the sink, commode and cabinet - it's funny, the color changes when the lights are switched on, so I am having a hard time deciding on the right color. 

Originaly, I had in mind a much less feminine bathroom, as it was connected to the master bedroom, but we are just going to imagine that this house has his and her bathrooms, and in THIS bathroom, the toilet seat is ALWAYS down!  Since the dollhouse is for Olivia, I decided to make it everything she would want in a bathroom, so it is very luxurious.(She wants to know why our REAL house doesn't look like this!)  If it were her bathroom in real life, you would not be able to see the floor, or the counter for that matter. And now I will tell you the strange story about my bathroom in the house I grew up in.  We lived in a big old house, with a clothes chute that went all the way to the basement. You could not climb down this one, like the one at my grandmothers house (we tried) But quite often, if you actually threw your clothes down the clothes chute, they were never to be seen again (with three girls wearing The Ellis Uniform, it was important to guard your supply of  green knee socks)....and you had to go down to the big scarey basement (that had a furnace room right out of a Stephen King Novel) to look for them and run back up stairs before the boogie man got you ( I would literally leap up the stairs, three steps at at time, convinced that I was being chased by a ghost, so I would brush my back against the wall at the top of the stairs to shake him off....please tell me I'm not the only one who ever did this!).....so I never used the clothes chute.  I would instead store my dirty clothes in my bath tub, and then shower in my sisters bathroom.  Now this was a house with 5 full bathrooms and two half baths if you counted the really creepy one in the basement, but for one reason or another, everyone preferred my sisters bathroom.  Some day I will tell you the tale of the two attics.


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