Power Jack and Plug

Power Jack and Plug


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This is one of the best darned new products for dollhouse lighting in years! No temperamental Junction Splices, no more unsightly terminal blocks - this is the best new way to supply power to a dollhouse! Local Pittsburgh customers, we have a working sample on display for you.

Power Jack and Plug Set makes the connection from your power supply to dollhouse wiring. This equipment is secure, durable, and unobtrusive - making it the best way to supply power to a dollhouse. The Power Jack is glued into a 1/2 inch hole in the foundation and connects to the dollhouse wiring with solder or electrically conductive glue.

Supplies you will need:

  • Short piece of wire (24 to 28 gauge) like "speaker wire"
  • Soldering supplies or electrically conductive glue like "Wire Glue"
  • EL-66 Electrification Tool for making eyelet connections to the house wiring
  • Power supply sized for the electrical needs of the house

Comes complete with detailed instructions for installing.


Made in USA



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