Transformer 12 Volt for 33-64 Bulbs

Transformer 12 Volt for 33-64 Bulbs


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Use this transformer for REALLY big dollhouses, with lots and lots of lights....Olivia's dollhouse needs this one! Lights between 33-64 bulbs. You don't want to leave the lights on for too long until you get close to the proper amount.

Local Customers, we often let you start with a smaller one and trade up later on if you need to.  Feel free to stop in, call or email us with any questions - we are here to help you with all of your dollhouse wiring needs!

Our plug-in transformers provide a safe and convenient DC power source for any dollhouse or miniature room. All Cir-Kit Concepts' transformers are designed to plug directly into a powered outlet, thus eliminating the need of building a special transformer enclosure within the dollhouse.

The most popular versions contain a built-in circuit breaker making them virtually burn-out proof. In the event of an overload or short, the output voltage is removed until the unit cools. After cooling, the breaker resets itself and automatically reapplies voltage to the output.


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